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Renee was in from NYC visiting SF & just HAD to check out the Armory. She loves porn & loves sex & really wanted to show her stuff. I could not pass up such a beauty and just had to grab her for a Casting Couch. There is something about redheads and bondage with me.

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Summer Cummings is put to work on an inventory of electroplay toys. Her manager returns to find her orgasming to the toys she was supposed to be working with. As a result, she is tied up and punished.

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Genesis mind fucks her in this very intense shoot. There is alot of joy involved in shooting someone over and over. He is released so she can really let out some aggression. She might have fallen behind. He went straight for the butt hook, and that's where we started.

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Sara Faye is back and suffering as usual: made to cum over and over, fucked deep by a machine, juices dripping from her holes, impaled and vibrated, nipples brutally punished, and more. We take, and Sara gives, so we take more...

6 movies dedicated to Bobbi Starr

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They are blindfolded, gagged, suffer foot torture, caning, and we make them cum whether they want to or not. And after they cum once we make them cum again. It's so pathetic for them in a way, don't you think?

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Strapon fetish or torture methods?

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The cell fence that she is now working as a professional dominatrix, she doesn't like losing to other females. Susan finally takes it in the ass and makes him squeal like the little piggy he is. It came down to her thighs, at her head a thick ball of leather was pushed into her mouth. Susan is in a lifestyle relationship with the Paris.

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